About Company

Propertyrout is an Innovative and dedicated portal that leads you to settle on among various choices to success and serene manner. Whereas you choose the proper place to measure in among your approachable limits. Its giant assets network of services provides you a ray of hope and ends your search for homes, sites, plots, luxurious homes, industrial and residential sites all simply in an exceedingly single click.

We move with the consumers and sellers in marketing and buying their properties with the “No Loss No Profit” margin services. Our portal is actually a client friendly and a vendor friendly in meeting your expectations into realistic destinations.

Its functioning is smooth and hassle-free. Customers are unengaged to select their reasonable service demand and might simply check in with us and leave the remainder to us. We might be standing as a barrier and face any challenges whereas the method undergoes until they reach their targets.

The extraordinary team of excellence in an array of digitalization in promoting your product through our portal wherever it meets your ideology and imaginations return true. With the real and legal sites, ventures, flats it permits you to buy, sell & rent your properties with our customized support and verification wherever our team performs on behalf of you in obtaining your priorities matched inside your specific limits.

As a large network of property services, not similar to the other property portal. Its high proficiency and campaign, promoting & advertising methods can leave no regrets, however, adds joy and worth for your cash and creating us to stand distinctive and outstanding among the rest.

Business Strategy


To make the buying and marketing of property as price effective as attainable whereas maintaining the best level of service. To produce correct and up-to-date data, expert analysis and sound property recommendation. To repeatedly explore new concepts and technology, to create the marketing and buying of property quicker, less expensive, and easier.


To empower and impact through numerous creating methods meeting the customer’s criteria and targets for minimizing stress increasing results.


Bringing all the real estate market services available for our honored customers’ satisfaction.

Terms and Conditions:

  •  We generate and close the leads based on commission.
  •  For Plots – 25%
  • For Apartments, Individual Houses -15%